Heimdallr Web/Dashboard Update

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  • As of today the Heimdallr website and future dashboard will no longer be hosted within the bot. Instead it will reside externally to allow for faster development and to keep a bit cleaner and easier to deal with. I'll also admit since I'm truly a hobbyist with coding this will allow me to learn some new things. For now the webpage will continue to act as a landing page for those who want to learn a bit more about Heimdallr and invite him.

    With this change only a small code change was made to Heimdallr aside from the removal of the dashboard files. This was within the index.js file and shouldn't lead to any issues with the functionality of the bot if they didn't already exist. As always I would appreciate it if you find a bug to submit a github issue and let me know. I will also be updating the issue template to reflect the change with the dashboard. As of right now it is fully running externally and you shouldn't notice any differences.

    I hope to have some more updates for you in the future but please don't expect anything major as we move into the holiday season. Between the new job and random personal things that need to be done time is a little tight.

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